Well before my surgery I have spent lots of time with my family, esp my baby 4yr old cousin Justin. I love hanging out with him he is the sweetest lil baby and just overall hilarious! I snapped some pics of him and his chihuahua puppy Diesel (his mama finally broke down and got one after seeing my lil baby for so long..what a great dog). Over the past weekend I hung out with a fantastic friend who I haven't heard from really since then soooo idk whats up with that but oh wells =/ Then Oct 4th was my scheduled surgery date, but got a call monday saying sorry for the short notice but can we do it tomorrow. I was like okay but freaking out inside..I was mentally prepared for thurdays surgery date!! So had it the 2nd on tues and the nerve tumor was 5x's the size of a normal nerve! YIKES!! I have a follow up monday so will keep posted on that note. I feel good, but I believe thats the pain meds talking lol. I've been on the couch with the foot elevated and crutches to hobble on since then. Pain every now and then but the meds DEF help for now. Can't WAIT to be dancing again =] Today hung on the couch of course then my mama took me to my grams and I chilled on their couch and hung out with baby cuz Justin. He's so presh he whispered to my gramma "When Sharra has to go I'm going to open the curtains, tap on the window, and wave". Haha I love him.