Wow summer flew! Chillier weather..it's supposed to frost overnight!! But yet be back in the 80s tuesday lol helloooo sinuses and colds people ;p Today was a ball of fun, because I put up Halloween decor! The outside we have a graveyard thing going on and inside is Halloween galore! I just took a pic of my masterpeice with the mantle all in glitter amazingness picked out by yours truely ;p Glitter makes me oh so happy, but not so much for my mama. She's been yelling all me the whole night for talking her into buying that stuff!


Monday Monday Monday!

Today was a lovely day. Even with the storm that came in it was still great. I planted sunflower seeds a few days ago and hopefully with the rain they'll bloom before it gets too cold =] Today I hung out with my mama when she got home from work. We went to Target and Marshalls, and I found these adorable huge stuffed animals and had to have one because they were fluffy, fat puffs with tutus! What could be better? ;p So I got the lamb that has an adorable baby pink tutu and bow...it's so cuddly and lambs remind me of sleep lol. Perfect sleep buddy with my Pooh bear pillow pet that I've slept with every night since 2009. Lol I may be 22 and yes I'm pretty mature, but when it comes to sparkly stuff, Disney, Hello Kitty, and adorable stuffed animals...I can't help myself!!! A bit scared for tomorrow...just for my teeth/mouth tho lol! My invisalign braces are getting upgraded to a more intense version. I see pudding and mashed taters as my source of food for the rest of the week!! haha life is good...Live it, love it, and enjoy it


Oh man

Yesterday went from a fantastic day of boating and hanging with the family and friends that are basically family. Then it went to today of losing a great man. Rest in paradise George, I never got to know ya real well, but you were well loved and known in our town and a fantastic gpa to Al.


Yay life!

It's been lovely, with a hint of chill these past days! Two days ago I babysat my 2yr old and 4yr old cuz. Let me tell you...children and nerve tumors do not mix haha!! But they are a riot! Justin (oldest) built us swords from his train tracks and had a duel. =p He accidently hit me (knowing it wasn't intentional from the oh noooo look on his face oh shock haha), and while it was forming a bruise (I'm not a tall girl but that kid is solidly huge and goes to my hips!) I told him to kiss it to make it feel better. He instead licks my arm, says yum!, laughs, and runs away. Earlier that day when we were out "exploring" the farm, he picked up a stick and said he was a pirate. I asked him what his pirate name was, and he responded with Argggh. Haha it works ;p And Jakob just likes to play with his toys and flash you the most adorable smile every now and then. He doesn't talk much, just a yes or no or a point for now. Yesterday I went boating with my mama and daddy and it was so much fun!! Got to cruise for a while then parked by the lillies as always by some friend's boats. Today I hung out with my gramma, Aunt Missy, and little Jakob. We took a trip to Farm and Fleet (ik I'm the girliest, yet most country person out there...odd and such a contradiction lol), then went to Gram's farm and I walked my Aunt's mini horse named King Charles!! I love him so much I wanna steal him and keep him in the garage haha!! His cart is coming in soon so I'll get to ride around in it with him pulling it. You have no idea how excited I am!!! =]] I found out I have my pre-op stuff to go to on the 27th for my surgery on the 4th..oh Halloween is gonna be a joy...not =[ so sad on that part, but yay for finally a soon to be pain free foot and...wait for it... NO MEDICAL BOOT ;]


more photosss

more photo updates on life =] PS forgot to say I got a tattoo with Ty, Alexis, and my mama! It was so fun and I was so glad to have family tattoo time. Not many people can say that haha. Mine is the numbers 4 5 6 10. It's all my family's birthday months written in their handwriting. They will always start on the right foot with me now ;p Also as you can tell my the photos, DaisyLoo is enjoying the start of football season and we are PUMPED that the Bears dominated today! BEAR DOWN BITCHES ;]]]

I need to keep up with thissss

Been a while...again Life has been nothing crazy like it used to be thanks to foot problems, but I'm still living it and loving it =] Well since last post... Hung out with my Lexi Loo in Chicago before my condo was taken by the gov. They wouldn't let me buy it so I just had to move out. It was for the better because I ended up having a 2nd foot surgery that did nothing so I will be going into my 3rd surgery where the nerve tumor will finally be removed and biopsied sometime within the month, which is stressful and relieving at the same time. I've been on my boat lots since my dad bought a new one that I have dubbed ol nanner due to it's beautiful pale yellow color. I actually have somewhat of a tan!! Because of my feet problems, I wasn't able to attend school this semester, which really stinks, but I just have to keep reminding myself everything happens for a reason. School will always be there. I just REALLY miss dance. My lil brudder has come home once more since last post as soon as he got done with his feild day which was wonderful! Love my lil brudder tons! I have lost my best friend due to problems I hope to never have to deal with again. It's very upsetting, but again everything happens for a reason. I need to stop finding the good only in people because it always finds ways to haunt me when their bad comes out. Because when it's bad it's bad... =/ On a great note, I have been chatting it up with someone who makes me smile like a fool in the best way possible. Who knows what will happen, we've known each other for a few years now. I never thought I'd have these feelings I do now, so who knows. It'll prolly just end up being my good guy friend like he has been but that's prolly for the best I don't want to ruin a good thing =] Enjoy some pics of my life these past months ;p