Yay life!

It's been lovely, with a hint of chill these past days! Two days ago I babysat my 2yr old and 4yr old cuz. Let me tell you...children and nerve tumors do not mix haha!! But they are a riot! Justin (oldest) built us swords from his train tracks and had a duel. =p He accidently hit me (knowing it wasn't intentional from the oh noooo look on his face oh shock haha), and while it was forming a bruise (I'm not a tall girl but that kid is solidly huge and goes to my hips!) I told him to kiss it to make it feel better. He instead licks my arm, says yum!, laughs, and runs away. Earlier that day when we were out "exploring" the farm, he picked up a stick and said he was a pirate. I asked him what his pirate name was, and he responded with Argggh. Haha it works ;p And Jakob just likes to play with his toys and flash you the most adorable smile every now and then. He doesn't talk much, just a yes or no or a point for now. Yesterday I went boating with my mama and daddy and it was so much fun!! Got to cruise for a while then parked by the lillies as always by some friend's boats. Today I hung out with my gramma, Aunt Missy, and little Jakob. We took a trip to Farm and Fleet (ik I'm the girliest, yet most country person out there...odd and such a contradiction lol), then went to Gram's farm and I walked my Aunt's mini horse named King Charles!! I love him so much I wanna steal him and keep him in the garage haha!! His cart is coming in soon so I'll get to ride around in it with him pulling it. You have no idea how excited I am!!! =]] I found out I have my pre-op stuff to go to on the 27th for my surgery on the 4th..oh Halloween is gonna be a joy...not =[ so sad on that part, but yay for finally a soon to be pain free foot and...wait for it... NO MEDICAL BOOT ;]

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