Monday Monday Monday!

Today was a lovely day. Even with the storm that came in it was still great. I planted sunflower seeds a few days ago and hopefully with the rain they'll bloom before it gets too cold =] Today I hung out with my mama when she got home from work. We went to Target and Marshalls, and I found these adorable huge stuffed animals and had to have one because they were fluffy, fat puffs with tutus! What could be better? ;p So I got the lamb that has an adorable baby pink tutu and bow...it's so cuddly and lambs remind me of sleep lol. Perfect sleep buddy with my Pooh bear pillow pet that I've slept with every night since 2009. Lol I may be 22 and yes I'm pretty mature, but when it comes to sparkly stuff, Disney, Hello Kitty, and adorable stuffed animals...I can't help myself!!! A bit scared for tomorrow...just for my teeth/mouth tho lol! My invisalign braces are getting upgraded to a more intense version. I see pudding and mashed taters as my source of food for the rest of the week!! haha life is good...Live it, love it, and enjoy it